Monday, May 17, 2010

The Beginning of the End of the Project

Late yesterday we started laying the PEX waterline in the trench Dale and the balky Ditch Witch dug, all 700' of it. And three frostproof faucets. And three T-posts with insulator and hotwire to keep the cows from using said faucets as scratching posts and/or turning them off. Rolling out the 500' rolls of PEX was nearly backbreaking, so we took turns doing it. One would roll the 500' of slippery, apparantly sugar-jagged spaghetti-like waterline that only wanted to go in any and all directions except forward, and the other would push it into the trench and try not to fall in. Worthy of the $10,000 first prize on that funny video show to the outside observer, I'm sure. But we did get it done, and all the faucets hooked up and secured to their posts, and all the connections made, and holding our breaths, I applied pressure to the line. Everything held just fine and dandy, and all the faucets work flawlessly. No more worrying about aging rubber hoses exploding under pressure; no more having to move rubber hoses to pull the harrow thru the gate or thru the feeder bunks. No more cows getting tangled in hoses run across their paths, causing them to break said hose and stress test the well (and me). By the time we'd finished, we decided we were DONE for the day, swapped trailers to the sand trailer (for bedding the PEX), and called it beer thirty.

Dale feeds the first of the PEX under the fence to the main water line

The new line is teed into the main line

Wild and woolley free range spaghetti in its unnatural habitat (PEX is like vampires, it doesn't like sunlight)

First faucet connected and installed

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