Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hoke at the Clinic

Hoke went on Saturday, which was a good thing it was only on Saturday, as on his last go-round, he tweaked a muscle in his back leg and had to pack it in for the day. He's fine, but with the rain and all, the ground was slick and he only really has one speed - Mach 6 - so things do happen. But all in all, he and Dale did well and made progress.

If I act like I'm really way out, maybe we can get OUT of this dumb round pen and out where I can REALLY get up some speed

Like out here

A rare sorta walk up from the hotrod

Oooooookay then, I'm nice and calm and goin' DOWN, just like I was asked to. But I got something between my teeth and I really need to floss with some of that tasty wool right there, y'know the feelin'?

Where did THIS dog come from, walking up all nice and steady and calm?

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