Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gem at the Clinic

Last weekend, we spent the weekend at Ken and Debbie's place in Sweet Home, attending a clinic by Marti Parrish, a well known Aussie trainer/trialer/breeder of topnotch working Aussies. It was Gem's first time on stock away from home, and to say she started out a bit freaked was putting it mildly. The tail went between the legs and stayed firmly clamped there for a few hours, what with all the dogs and people about. But, she eventually relaxed enough to let the tail swing a bit, especially after her first go-round, with goats. She did some nice stuff out there with Dale, and by the second go-round, she was getting with the programme pretty well, and I think Dale learned a bit about getting more out of her too.

Ooooo, GOATS!! I love the taste of goat in the morning!

Okay, just let go the leash and I'll take care of this loner, put him back where he belongs. Just drop the leash, go ahead, just let it go, it'll be fine...

I feel the neeeeeed for speeeeeed

I'm OUT already, okay, I'm OUT! Hey, look - more goats! I do NOT have ADHD! Hey look - more goats!

Hey, who let this one with the stick in here just when I was starting to really have a good time?

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