Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cricket at the Clinic

We know who the photographer in the family is. Of all the shots Dale took, I kept one. It took the full two days for Cricket and I to quit fighting each other and to FINALLY get her to just relax and trust me, and do what she does best - work stock. It was a breakthrough of epic proportions, really, because she's very talented but very dominant and not really into "do it my way", preferring to do it HER way, the best way or not. She's kinda back where she started as a puppy, when she'd rate and balance all on her own and very nicely, without any interferance from me, completely naturally.

So it was a good weekend, but exhausting. It's a long drive there and back, a lot of sitting around watching and waiting, then 20 or so minutes of intense physical and mental exertion for both dog and handler. Plus, once home on Sunday we had to catch up on a lot of stuff too that didn't get done over the weekend. But, it was worth it.

Love Cricket peeking out from under Dale's leg

Cricket does a little driving. Not that I asked her to. But this is how we always seem to start our fights, her and I. I want her to bring them to me. She doesn't trust me with them, so she takes them where SHE wants. By the end of the weekend, she was not only bringing them to me, but going back to rating on her own, trusting me finally

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