Friday, March 26, 2010

Working On It

Ah, to be in labour, out in public, with zero privacy. I'm sure there are women out there who feel the same way as Romance here earlier this afternoon, in early Stage I labour. Notice her puffy cheering section, big black lump Ruffie and bigger dun lump Moonpie. They're just so supportive, aren't they? Especially since it's their turn soon - REAL soon.

Two puffy cows, Romance and Moonpie, chowin' down between contractions. Romance has been workin' on it all day, a little bit here, a little tail switching there, belly kicks whenever the urge strikes. And now that it's full on dark, she'll probably feel like it's maybe time to be gettin' on with the job. Of course, I fully expect she'll wait until 2 am to do so, knowing her. Needless to say, I won't be getting much sleep the next few days. And tomorrow's supposed to be super nice, our last nice day for a looooong time, so it'd be great if the other three would just pop tomorrow, say around 10ish in the morning, after I've had my coffee and all that....such wishful thinking on my part.


  1. ....and I wouldn't trade being a rancher (no row crops out here, dear) for anything in the world....