Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ewe Had Me At Go Bye

It wasn't the prettiest job ever, but it did get done, no one and no critter got hurt, and it pointed out a weakness in our temporary fencing that Dale's headed out to get something to rectify it. But all in all, it certainly could have been worse. If it had, my local readers probably would have seen it on the news tonite, and it might have made the front page of the Tri County News. Or, maybe not. Hoke and Dale moved the two North Country Cheviot girls over to the north pasture from the maternity pasture to eat down the grass in the strip that the new trees are in. We figured to use them instead of having to run the mower down there, which is kinda hard to do, but it can be done. However. Three strands of very hard to see hotwire didn't faze them at all. Once Dale and Hoke got 'em in there, they lasted about a minute 45 before they tore down the bottom wire and headed out into the pasture. The move involved sorting the two girls out from the rest of the ewes and their lambs (don't ask; it did finally get done, but it just wasn't real pretty - Hoke is an old school "no sheep left behind" kinda guy), taking them out thru the gate, onto the lawn, across the yard, thru the gate into the north pasture, and then into the strip. Minus a slight excursion wherein the ewes blasted over to go see the cows (and hopefully escape Hoke's pressure), Dale got everyone back on track and into the strip. Had the operation not gone quite as well as it did, we could have had sheep headed for the coast or Corvallis, but we didn't, thankfully.

Uh oh, trouble's brewin', they know it, and they know it involves them personally

At the gate after a little workout

Easy, now

This could be trouble; their noses are pointed towards Dawson Road and freedom

Hoke goes to cover that side and prevent any escape

No, they weren't supposed to go where they just came from, but Hoke did fix it and get them pointed in the right direction

No, I wasn't drunk when I took this shot, just leaning over the gate. Dale and Hoke line them up with the gate to the strip

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