Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of Cows, Chickens and Ho Dog

On their second day in the world, the lambs learned of a few things. First thing - even young cows have REALLY big heads, especially when the head comes thru the door unexpectedly. Vega the young bull calf makes his entrance, mostly to check out the flooring options.

Vega and Vivienne take a peek at the new additions to the pasture crowd

I think this is Violet saying hi. One of the Gangsta Girls keeps a wary eye on the youngsters as well, just in case she needs to remind them exactly who is in charge here

And old man Ho Dog did a classic double take. He walked into the barn with me as usual, took a casual glance into the lambing pen on the way by, and started to keep going. In a flash, he whipped back around and stuck his head thru the boards to see if what he thought he saw was what he thought he saw. He verified he did indeed see what he thought he saw - fresh lambs, just for him of course. It will be his job to dog break them in a few months

Ho keeps an eye on them, just in case they think about doing something that he'll have to take care of. Twyla was not real happy about him being in the barn, needless to say

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