Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Red - Truck of All Trades

Big Red. Always gets the job done. Some of the stuff we used him for when we first moved here, before we got Big Orange (the big Kubota 5030 tractor) would make ya cringe, but he never once complained. Oh sure, he's got his own garage, shares it with the puttputt (Polaris Ranger UTV), and Rollover the barn cat likes to sleep on top of him, plus it seems he's always dirty, but he's happy - he's doing a what a truck is born to do, work. He's almost always attached to the dump trailer, or 6000# of fertilizer trailer from Wilbur-Ellis (next week), or the flatbed, or the 14' stocktrailer (with and without stock), and even occasionally the little stakebed trailer; it's rare he's runnin' solo unless we're headed to the coast with all the dogs. But now, Jellybean has taken over that task for the most part, so about the only "fun" thing he gets to do these days, and especially this time of year, is hit the garden shows and sales and get loaded up with pots and plants (notice I said pots AND plants, just so you don't read it wrong and get some funny ideas). Hard to believe he's 6 years old now, sneaking up on that 100K mark. I still like that sound than only Ford trucks make when they start up. I can tell the sound of one of those big ol' 5.4 litre V-8's anywhere. It's a sound I never tire of hearing.
Rock on, Big Red!

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