Friday, October 9, 2009

Mug Shots

Violet, one of the twins, posing for me for a change
Violet's mug shot. Ain't she cute? But her sister Beanie is cuter I think!

I tried so hard to get a decent shot of Vixen, because she's just the cutest of them all, but this was the best I could do at the moment

Violet and Vixen, vamping for the camera

Turbo has his mom's curly locks. He's becoming quite friendly, and is Beanie's boyfriend

Speaking of girlfriends, Turbo and Beanie

Beanie's adorable, a very feminine heifer calf

Vega, the silver bull calf, mugs for the camera. All the green on their ears is from the tattooing we did on the 7th. The heifer calves got their Bangs (Brucellosis) vaccinations, which also got them a tattoo and a metal ear tag (except Violet, who's tag had an 'accident') in one ear, and a regular herd tattoo in the left ear. The boys only got the herd tattoo in the right ear, lucky them. Turbo didn't take it so well, but Vega never flinched.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cozy Old Dog

And all the old man, Ho Dog, is really missing is a hot cuppa, and his morning would be perfect. I love these brisk, crisp mornings! Eugene set a record the other morning, 29 teeth-chattering degrees, besting the old record of 32 quite handily.

Our average high this time of year is 68, which we have barely touched a few times lately, mostly we are seeing high 50's to low-mid 60's. The skies have been crystal clear and a deep blue after the morning clouds clear out, the fall colours are ramping up quickly, and there has already been snow in some of the passes. The calves all got tattooed and the girls got their Bang's vaccinations (for brucellosis) yesterday, an operation that went very well and was over fairly quickly. They got over it and went back to eating, their number 1 activity, closely followed by chicken chasing and pear eating, in no time at all.
This weekend we're headed to Washougal (Washington) to an auction at a nursery. We are hoping to pick up some more Japanese maples and see what else they've got we could use. It's right off the Columbia River, so it should be a gorgeous drive.
Otherwise, still turning the garden over to fall. Today is finish off the old potato bed day, where the boxes were and now where all the dirt from said boxes is waiting to be smoothed over into the new onion bed. Probably get some of the dead stuff lying around picked up as well, and I'm guessing that the last 'Sugar Baby' watermelon is probably ready to pick, and that will finish off the melon beds for the winter. I've also been picking the popcorn and putting it up to dry for awhile as well; it turned out gorgeous. Can't wait to pop some on a cold fall evening, with some Irish coffee and an old movie on the tube, with the stove going in the den. Maybe not your idea of the perfect fall evening, but sure is mine.