Monday, November 2, 2009

Our First Hall of Fame Dam!

It's official - HOF Morgan Rivers Pink Cadillac DNA-VP "Catera"!!!

Catera, in Ramona around 2003
HOF CH. Casa Buena Cadillac Jack OTDsd STDc DNA-CP
Morgan Rivers Classical Act CGC DNA-CP

And, the titled dogs from her litter by VCH WTCH CH Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP that put her there are.....

BIS/RBIS U-CH/U-CD Morgan Rivers Blame it on Rio, multiple stock, agility and obedience titles in CKC, ASCA and UKC, HIT and RHIT working awards
Much loved and missed by Kathy and Dave in Canada

Above and below, A-CH Morgan Rivers Perfect Storm DNA-VP, owned and loved and spoiled by Trish, ruler of The Heathens and all around sweet boy

WTCH Ho Dog, multiple stock titles in ASCA, AKC and AHBA

Morgan Rivers Wylie G Dancer TD GS-E JS-E-OP RS-O DNA-VP
Spoiled and trained/trialed by Sue, and our little Cricket's dam

Morgan Rivers Coup de Ville ATDd OTDsc DNA-VP, movin' sheep with owner/trainer Joe. Most Promising Started as SEMASA his first trial

We couldn't have done it without these dedicated owners. Our many thanks to ALL of our owners for all they do with our dogs, and for giving our dogs wonderful homes throught the years. You all make it worth it to us.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mug Shots

Violet, one of the twins, posing for me for a change
Violet's mug shot. Ain't she cute? But her sister Beanie is cuter I think!

I tried so hard to get a decent shot of Vixen, because she's just the cutest of them all, but this was the best I could do at the moment

Violet and Vixen, vamping for the camera

Turbo has his mom's curly locks. He's becoming quite friendly, and is Beanie's boyfriend

Speaking of girlfriends, Turbo and Beanie

Beanie's adorable, a very feminine heifer calf

Vega, the silver bull calf, mugs for the camera. All the green on their ears is from the tattooing we did on the 7th. The heifer calves got their Bangs (Brucellosis) vaccinations, which also got them a tattoo and a metal ear tag (except Violet, who's tag had an 'accident') in one ear, and a regular herd tattoo in the left ear. The boys only got the herd tattoo in the right ear, lucky them. Turbo didn't take it so well, but Vega never flinched.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cozy Old Dog

And all the old man, Ho Dog, is really missing is a hot cuppa, and his morning would be perfect. I love these brisk, crisp mornings! Eugene set a record the other morning, 29 teeth-chattering degrees, besting the old record of 32 quite handily.

Our average high this time of year is 68, which we have barely touched a few times lately, mostly we are seeing high 50's to low-mid 60's. The skies have been crystal clear and a deep blue after the morning clouds clear out, the fall colours are ramping up quickly, and there has already been snow in some of the passes. The calves all got tattooed and the girls got their Bang's vaccinations (for brucellosis) yesterday, an operation that went very well and was over fairly quickly. They got over it and went back to eating, their number 1 activity, closely followed by chicken chasing and pear eating, in no time at all.
This weekend we're headed to Washougal (Washington) to an auction at a nursery. We are hoping to pick up some more Japanese maples and see what else they've got we could use. It's right off the Columbia River, so it should be a gorgeous drive.
Otherwise, still turning the garden over to fall. Today is finish off the old potato bed day, where the boxes were and now where all the dirt from said boxes is waiting to be smoothed over into the new onion bed. Probably get some of the dead stuff lying around picked up as well, and I'm guessing that the last 'Sugar Baby' watermelon is probably ready to pick, and that will finish off the melon beds for the winter. I've also been picking the popcorn and putting it up to dry for awhile as well; it turned out gorgeous. Can't wait to pop some on a cold fall evening, with some Irish coffee and an old movie on the tube, with the stove going in the den. Maybe not your idea of the perfect fall evening, but sure is mine.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Link to the Old Blog

As per a lot of requests, here is the link to the old blog, where you can see a whole lotta stuff that happened before this blog was started. Lots of pix, but for some reason, some of them don't show up. I'm hoping this link works too, as I haven't tried it yet myself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A "Crick and Bull" Short Story

What a fine, late summer day it was today! After another two days of record breaking heat - thankfully, we don't get as hot as Eugene or Corvallis, we never saw more than 98, but baby that was ENOUGH - we're sitting at 75 at 4 pm, meaning it might get to 79 by 6 pm, but maybe not. Anyway it goes, it's a big relief. And, that meant I was finally able to get out and get some updated shots of the '09 calf crop for Bonnie. Plus, I needed to get rid of some of last year's hay as well as some of this year's "oops" bales (small, lopsided, single string, et al) to make room for a couple of tons of alfalfa for the calfs this winter. Cricket and I loaded up the hay (well, okay, she's not THAT talented, I actually hauled it out to the puttputt) and off we went to feed a little.
I snapped a ton of pix with the new S630 Nikon Coolpix while Cricket was sitting in the puttputt. Or, so I thought anyway. I was lining up pix of the calves when I saw Roar start shaking his head and backing up. That's what he usually does when Dingbat the Wonder Horse is messing with him, but Pony was busy eating hay a ways off. So I walked around the back of the puttputt to see all 40# (soaking wet) of Cricket eyeing 2200# of bull away from HER puttputt! When she had him far enough away, she carefully laid down, still eyeing him, as if daring him to come back towards it. He wasn't going to test THOSE waters!
And that is what power is, in stockdog parlance.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome To Our New Blog!

First off, welcome to the Morgan River Ranch, sited in the beautiful western foothills of the Coast Range in the tiny town (if it could really be called that) of Bellfountain, Oregon, between Corvallis to the north and Eugene to the south. If you're just joining this blog, the original for the past year was on Yahoo 360, but since Yahoo is dumping that site in a few weeks, I moved to a much more user friendly site here at Blogspot. For those of you rejoining us here, welcome to the new home of the Ranch Blog!

Yep, finally got 'er moved today and started. Well, okay, didn't get 'er moved, the archives I saved didn't translate to the new blog at all, so I just went into continuation mode. The old blog is still over at Yahoo on the new site for viewing, but it is just too hard to use, especially for picture uploading, so I won't be publishing to it at all, but you can go over and view it for past posts.

Let's jump right in. First shot is of the early summer garden, right after we finally got the RV moved into the old red barn. That story's comin' up, complete with tons of pix from start to finish. Right now, I'm harvesting the last of the 'Cheddar' cauliflower and still harvesting lots of 'Coronado Crown' broccoli along with the continuing harvests of the sugar snap peas, snow peas, small onions and strawberries. I've been freezing the peas for stir fry on the nights I don't actually stir fry 'em right from the garden. Nothing like a great Tony round steak with fresh from the garden snow and snap peas and button broccoli pieces for an all-ranch feast! For those who don't know, Tony was our buttheaded white faced Hereford X steer shown here, taking on Cricket the Aussie pup. Totally grassfed and organically raised, he filled the chest freezer to the brim a year ago. If you're on the fence about grassfed, unconfined beef, let me tell ya. You will not get the same healthy, great tasting beef from grainfed, confined feedlot beef as you will from grassfed and finished, unconfined beef. Grassfed and finished beef has much lower bad cholesterol and also has cancer-fighting properties, plus the steers get to roam around, building muscle while they do so, in a low-stress environment that means calmer, healthier steers. All of which translate into awesome, beefy tasting, tender beef on your plate. And the saying "Meet the Meat You Eat" gives you the opportunity to see where your steer has lived and in what kind of conditions. To give you an idea, I would dearly love to come back in another life as one of my cows!

And yes, the past few days have seen us roasting up here, not necessarily a rare occurance this time of year, but still - not so enjoyable in the mid-afternoon when the temps climb above the 80 degree mark. Our normal average this time of year is 79; we're not quite 20 degrees above it, but close enough to be uncomfortable. Luckily, we got the RV into its new digs before the BBQ began, otherwise, it would have been a miserable job that Alex and Dale had. We spent part of the holiday with our pals Janet and Steve at a BBQ under their old walnut trees, quite nice, actually. So long as you didn't get out from under those trees, anyway. Janet keeps that area of lawn nicely watered and green all summer long. For us, we allow our lawns to go dormant in the summer; the only watering they get is from the sky, which means by mid-July, they're pretty well done for the year. They are already browning up in spots, but by the end of October, depending on the rains, they're back again. I do make an exception - the area under the ancient maple and black walnut trees where the swing is gets watered all summer and this year, I finally got my lawn tractor sprinkler! I love this thing; set up a course with your hose, set the front tracking wheels over the hose and let 'er rip. When it gets to the end, there is a stopper you push in the ground that trips the shutoff lever on the back and turns it off automatically. It's very cool, and relieves me of the responsibility of remembering to move the stationary sprinkler, which I usually forget to do.
Anyway, the Oregon Country Fair is coming up next weekend, kind of a 'Woodstock West', very free-spirited, with more tye-dye per square foot than a Jimi Hendrix poster. We're planning to go on Friday just to see what it's all about. There are all kinds of hippie sort of free spirit types at this fair, including folk who don't think the human body should be covered up with fabric. Very eclectic and reputed to be a whole lot of fun for us old hippies. Dale's not one of those; he's a true to the core redneck who happened to marry a hippie, but he does want to go and see what it's all about, just for fun. Then, on Sunday, we have the firefighter's benefit sporting clays shoot just up the road that we're going to go to and embarrass ourselves, all in the name of raising money for our local firefighters/EMT's.
In the meantime, it's kinda warm up here and a good day for giving the dogs their yearly bath - they'll dry quick today. So, enjoy and hope to see ya back again!
Dusty and the Zoo