Monday, March 13, 2017

Let the Lambing Season Begin!

While in the dog run for feeding time, I saw the sheep in their usual place in front of the barn door, and, as usual, I did a quick nose count.  About the time I got to the last of the big sheep, a small body popped up that was not Good Cat.  Then, another, also not Good Cat.

Good ol' Willa, with her few hour old boys Egbert and Eivar.

Why yes, I am a big 'Vikings' fan.  Why do you ask?

Bulls Behaving Badly II

The ancient 'Gravenstein' apple tree we lost most of a few years ago, the one with the blackberry growing out of it, fell prey to a bull with an itch the other day

The Bugs are Back in Town

The first nice, sunny, day in the 60's, and this happens.  The damn box elders arrive en masse from wherever they hide out during the winter and infest every warm, bright wall they can find

Can't Get Enough Clouds

 The Eye of Gandalf trumps the Eye of Sauron every time
A few hours later, it was snowing

March Snow

Above, 10 am.  Below, 1 pm.  Same day

By late afternoon, all that was left

Late Winter Flora


 Hellebores in the snow

 Native pink flowering currant
 Weeping katsura tree in bud
 Wild, and wildly fragrant, native violets
 Knock your socks off Daphne odorata with violets in a half barrel of pure perfume

Carla's succulent log, planted and ready to rock

Esther at 5 Weeks